NEWTOPIA WAR BEGINS! Amphibia Season 2B Trailer BREAKDOWN! Calamity Temples & Details You Missed!

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Amphibia Season 2B has a brand new trailer ahead of the show's return, and it is JAMPACKED with so much content from these remaining 9 episodes of the season! The Newtopia war ramps up as we have evidence of Sasha and Grime pulling off a successful invasion, Anne and Marcy embark to the 3 temples to recharge the Calamity Gems, we have a return of Valeriana from Bizarre Bazaar, and so much more! And we're going to run through this trailer for all the details you missed!

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This trailer contains footage from long-anticipated episodes such as Return to Wartwood, After the Rain, New Wartwood, The First Temple, Toad to Redemption, The Second Temple, The Third Temple, True Colors and more! Hop Pop's reasoning for hiding the Music Box, Anne vs Sasha rematch, the return of General Yunnan, Marcy discovering King Andrias' true plan, the arrival of Frobo Plantar and more!


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Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgrass, Nikki Thompson & Kitsune Zakuro!

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