Our Love Story | Gacha Club Series | MLB | Part 1 | GCMM Marichat | Inspired by a MariBlanc Comic

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This is an AU where Chat Noir doesn't exist, instead of him there's Cat Blanc, he's a villain of Paris. How Cta Blanc and Marinette fall in love with each other?~

!Alright,I thought it was original story of mine but as people said in comments there's a comic like this, always,here is the link!:

Peeps,hey,while I'm having motivation I do different kind of stories, alright, I'll go start making video on my second channel, tomorrow I should post it,have a nice day!

Programs Used:
Gacha Club
Cute Cut Pro
Motivation :^

Music Used:
All Music doesn't belong to me!!! If you need the name of the song write in comments :)

Thanks for watching,I hope you enjoy. All characters belong to Jeremy Zag, the creator of MLB.

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