Queen | Birthday Collab #1 [Auditions]

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I decided to host two collabs for my birthday (August 19th). This will be the multifemales collab (the other will be multicouples). You can audition for both or just one. Auditioning for this does not exclude you from being able to audition for the other when I post it. The deadline will be August 15th - NO extensions because I start work on the 17th. This is NOT first come first serve either.

Select up to 4 parts you would like to edit and comment whether you would like to edit 1 or 2 parts (how many parts people get will be determined by how many people want to join or if this flops, lol). It will be playlist style, nothing too crazy. Please don't join if you can't make the deadline. Comment with your discord if I don't have it either :).

TIA for auditioning.

part 1;
part 2;
part 3;
part 4;
part 5;
part 6;
part 7;
part 8;
part 9;
part 10;
part 11;
part 12;
part 13;
part 14;
part 15;
part 16;
part 17;
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