Queen - Live At The Rainbow 1974 (Full Concert HD)

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This is the first of two nights at the Rainbow Theatre. Both shows were recorded and filmed by the band. The 2014 "Live At The Rainbow" release chronicles the shows in a most definitive way.

Roger Taylor, always wearing his opinions on his sleeve, introduces Seven Seas Of Rhye: "This is a good one."

Afterward, Freddie declares, "We'd like to do some rock and roll. How do you feel about that? Good, you've gotta join in. This is the last time. Tell you what, this a number on the Sheer Heart Attack album, Stone Cold Crazy." After a killer rendition of the speed-metal predecessor, Brian is faintly heard saying, "Pretty gentle, that one."

In the extended instrumental section of Liar, Brian and Roger hint at flavours of Great King Rat.

On this tour Freddie has sung the first verse of In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited in falsetto as on the record, but he opts for the lower octave tonight.

Brian May's mother attended this show and even taped it from the audience.

In the December 7th Record Mirror, Brian states how the band didn't enjoy this show, mainly because of the film production getting in the way of their performance.

Before leaving for the US tour in early 1975, Brian May wrote in the spring 1975 issue of the Queen fan club magazine that the band had been very busy working on the Rainbow film. He says they're "mixing and editing to a suitable form for the [Old Grey] Whistle Test," but such a broadcast would never materialize.

A half-hour film, a compilation of both nights, simply entitled "Live At The Rainbow," was first seen in 1976 as an opener for Led Zeppelin's film "The Song Remains The Same" in some US theatres, for Jaws II in UK theatres in 1978, and for Pink Floyd's "Live At Pompeii" in 1979 and "The Wall" in 1982. This is the video's track listing, with the italicized tracks having been edited into a fake "medley":

A 52-minute version of the video was later officially released on VHS in 1992 as part of the "Box of Trix" (a mail-order item released by a company called Star Direct), with many obvious edits and vocal overdubs. Sometimes the audio and video are taken from the two different nights, although the overwhelming majority of both come from the second night - yet there are many moments where the audio and video are out of sync, which ultimately comes down to poor editing (some of this remains even on the 2014 release). And for some inexplicable reason the audio is mono. Here is the track listing (the fake medley is now bookended by Son And Daughter and its reprise, which normally came after the guitar solo):

Procession, Now I'm Here, Ogre Battle, White Queen, In The Lap Of The Gods, Killer Queen, The March Of The Black Queen, Bring Back That Leroy Brown, Son And Daughter, guitar solo, Father To Son [cut], Keep Yourself Alive [cut], Liar [cut], Son And Daughter (reprise), Stone Cold Crazy, In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited, Jailhouse Rock [cut], God Save The Queen

In November 2009 the band posted some concert videos from the 70s on their website in conjunction with the release of their "Absolute Greatest" compilation, including White Queen from the Rainbow. In 2011, great quality videos of White Queen, Stone Cold Crazy, and Liar (the same versions as on the 1992 VHS release) were made available on iTunes in conjunction with the re-releases of the first five Queen albums. Stone Cold Crazy was also released on the extras of the Japanese DVD and UK blu-ray of the "Days Of Our Lives" documentary in 2011, but with a new stereo mix (Brian's guitar has a delay digitally added for the entire song in place of the analog delay that was used only for its guitar solo live).

The entire first night at the Rainbow was shown at the "Stormtroopers in Stilettoes" Queen exhibition in London in early 2011. The audio was mono and had a few slight inconsistencies, and many who saw it recalled Freddie wasn't in particularly great voice.

Intro - 0:00
Procession - 0:23
Now I'm Here - 1:32
Ogre Battle - 6:29
Father To Son - 12:00
White Queen - 17:54
Flick Of The Wrist - 23:27
In The Lap Of The Gods - 27:37
Killer Queen - 30:53
The March Of The Black Queen - 32:18
Bring Back That Leroy Brown - 33:53
Son And Daughter - 35:33
Keep Yourself Alive - 46:14
Seven Seas Of Rhye - 50:53
Stone Cold Crazy - 54:18
Liar - 57:01
In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited - 1:05:41
Big Spender - 1:09:49
Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll - 1:11:23
Jailhouse Rock - 1:14:33
God Save The Queen - 1:18:40

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