Queen of Hearts - Warrior

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Queen of Hearts - Warrior is released digitally on 2nd December 2012 via NightMoves.
Pre-order now: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/warrior-ep/id573293440

Directed by Elliott Morgan
Filmed by Elliott Morgan and Thomas Hole
Assisted by Katia Ganfield
Styling by Oliver Vaughn
Hair by Aaron Carlo and Bianca Pereira
Make Up by Michelle Webb and Bianca Pereira

'Warrior' written by E.Morphew/M.Pattison/R.Sanford
Produced by Diamond Cut

Beneath all your armour, you're just flesh and bones, no mind of your own.
You fight through the silence and shadows of hope, you fall from the throne.

Rise above us all like a warrior, when the weapons fall, be a predator.
Touch of solid gold, sound of thunder.
But can you survive the sunlight?

No weapons to fight with when fear is your foe, your heart is like stone.
But keep me from violence and all of your ghosts, you're never alone.

Let the guns fire, let the drums beat, wave a white flag for me. x2

Born warrior, a warrior.
Fight warrior, a warrior.
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