Review - Block Buster Returns Game

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This is a review of Big Potato's game, Blockbuster Returns, Party Game.
Overall, I would give it 3.5-4 stars.
I love the idea. The target audience is ages 14+, and you need a minimum of four people to play. The game is for two teams, and one person has to be the actor, clue giver, and you need at least one guesser per team.
The play consists of two phases. First, you have head-to-head. The two team captains square off. You flip the card, and it will say something like "movies that involve tails." The two captains take turns naming movies that involve tails. If time ends, or one of the captains gets stumped, he loses, and the other captain wins.
Then, the scoring phase begins. The two captains are dealt six movie title cards. The winning captain picks three for his side, and the other three go to the other captain. Then, there are three categories. One movie goes in each category, face down - one word, quote it, act it. The team keeps guessing until they get it or time runs out. (The instructions reference an App timer that you can get for your iPhone or Android.)
If the team guesses correctly, they get to keep the movie title as part of the score.
You can play for a fixed time or for a total points.
It is good, clean fun. The challenge comes that this is harder than it sounds. First, you have to know the movies involved. That more or less limits the ages that have a good chance at knowing the movies in this deck to 17-25 years old. Second, some people are absolutely terrible at things like acting, condensing a four hour movie to one word, etc. They might play, but they likely will not have fun. So, you will end up with a team of five and only two are actively participating.
For the right crowd, this movie game is lots of fun. For many, it just will not be a Blockbuster.
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