RMS Queen Elizabeth Sinking Model 1/600 Airfix FICTIONAL Sinking

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A demo of my 1/600 AirFix RMS Queen Elizabeth model - I rigged for controlled sinking. This took me a few weeks to build - most of that was the painting, and inner balancing for the float and sinking action... Please note that how I sink this model is not consistent with the history of how the actual ship sank. I did not try to recreate any history - please just enjoy how the model works in this video - that was the goal :-) it does make some fantastic plunges when the air is trapped in the hull and forces the stern to rise. Please note that I used existing footage from prior videos I made of this model to repackage this into a new video specific to this model (often I do multiple ships in one video) - if you would like to see this content in it’s original form - the link will be at the end of the video. Music "The Dark" by Patrick Warren. As always, thank you for watching!!!
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