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The UFO is the newest ball coming from Roto Grip. It features a brand new core with a MicroTrax S20 cover. Out of the box the UFO is EARLY and STRONG. This will no doubt be the strongest ball in your bag. That doesn’t necessarily mean its only use will be on heavy oil. Soupy house conditions will favor this ball because it has the potential to blend the wet dry. When you pull it just a little, it retains enough shape to get the weak 7 or 10 out and when you leak it to the outside of your target, it doesn’t boomerang off of the friction. I anticipate this will be a great ball for the first game of league. When the lanes begin to transition, you can change to the Halo or Idol which will give you more shape downlane. Rev dominant players and low speed players should be cautious when drilling this piece. It is VERY strong. I cannot say that enough. For the tournament players, this ball will be great on heavy volume patterns and on shorter patterns. Saying that the UFO can be used on both long and short seems contradictory, but it is not. The UFO is strong enough that it will be good on the heavy volume patterns because it will pick up in the oil. At the same time, on short patterns bowling balls that are strong and slow blend out the extreme dry downlane. The UFO will burn up enough on short patterns and will allow you to control the pocket. As compared to other Storm and Roto balls, the UFO is the strongest piece we make. In my opinion It is earlier and slower than a Crux Prime. It is also earlier and slower than a Gravity Evolve. The UFO is similar in shape to an Idol but is about a zone stronger.
Quick shoutout to Bryce Catahan for helping me film the videos and for the action shots.

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