Sea Shanty Explained: TikTok Trend, "Wellerman" & Sea Shanties

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TikTok sensation Nathan Evans has now hit number one in the UK charts thanks to his version of a really catchy sea shanty. Since going big on TikTok late last year, people everywhere have been singing it and creating their own versions. Nathan Evan's rendition of the sea shanty, Wellerman, is now number one on the UK's biggest chart show. It all started last year when the Scottish singer was working as a postman and posting videos on TikTok. This particular video made him a viral sensation, with millions watching Nathan's rendition of Wellerman. People started harminoising and layering their vocals, sharing their own versions and starting a social media craze around sea shanties. Now, thanks to all the popularity, the 26 year old has quit his job and signed a record deal, and it all started with an old fashioned, pretty simple song. Sea Shanties themselves date back to the 1800's, sailors would sing together to help work in time and keep morale high. Centuries later, at the height of a new pandemic, lots of fans of the song say it's been just the thing to cheer them up. Nathan reckons that's why Wellerman has been so huge.

A girl in Wales has found a dinosaur footprint while walking along the beach! Lily's just four, and she and her dad spotted the ten centimetre long print while looking for shells. Scientists say the print is about 220 million years old, and while they can't identify the dino that made it, it's so well preserved it could help them better understand how dinosaurs walked.

Leo is a 7 year old golfer from Britain with a serious swing. He and his Dad Lester have recently taken to social media during lockdown to try and get more young people to take up the sport, and with almost 40,000 followers, I reckon it's working. Leo's golf skills aren't just reserved for household trickshots, he's been sponsored by some big sports companies already, and recently qualified for the junior world championships later this year in San Diego. Leo's golfing heroes include British golfer Tommy Fleetwood and of course Tiger Woods. Leo dreams of turning professional one day, and I would say he's well on his way

What's the best way to enjoy the snow? Well Giant Pandas at the Smithsonian Zoo in the US showed us all how they do it after a big snowstorm hit the area.

On the banks of Lake Baikal in Russia, which is, by the way, one of the oldest and deepest lakes in the world, this skating senior lives and breathes the natural world around her on skates.

This is exactly what it looks like. It's apparently "Laughing Yoga", and these people in Egypt sure are gettin 'round it. These guys reckon that laughing, even if nothing's funny, can help relieve stress.


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