SEX inequality in India | பாலியல் சமத்துவமின்மை | SangathamizhanTV | Tamil

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SEX inequality in India | பாலியல் சமத்துவமின்மை | SangathamizhanTV | Tamil

In this video, I'm going to talk about gender inequality in India. Recently violations against women have increased at an unprecedented rate. Every year's thousands of women are brutally attacked and killed eventually. Due to this reason, India is the most dangerous place for women and ranked number one in that list. This is a very shameful achievement and every man in this country is responsible for this. How to stop violations against women, it is not easy as we thought because gender inequality is deeply rooted in our society. To break this, we have taught our children more about females and her life changes, we have to teach them both males and females are the same. Teach our children women are equally capable of doing things. From school onwards, we have to follow the same rules for boys and girls and let them interact properly. Even in a birth gender equality is followed by nature, to form a healthy baby 23 male chromosomes and 23 female chromosomes need to fuse together. If one male chromosome exceeds or one female chromosome decreases the baby will not form. We have to teach this to our children and we have the responsibility to create a safer environment for women.

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