"Split” (2016), “Glass” (2019) (Movie Review with Spoilers)

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“Split” is a supernatural, horror, thriller starring James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy and Betty Buckley, it was written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
“Glass” is the sequel to “Split”, it stars James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Anya Taylor-Joy with Sarah Paulson and Samuel L. Jackson, it was also written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

“Split” introduces us to Kevin, a man filled with the torment of having 23 personalities, some of which form part of “The Horde” a group of individuals that believe in “the Beast”, a half-man, half-animal creature that takes it upon itself to rid the world of the “impure” (those who have not suffered). While the beast is the 24th personality, Kevin (led by Dennis and Patricia) kidnaps three girls, among those girls is Casey, a victim of sexual abuse from her uncle, whom she lives with. After a short but gruesome series of murders, the Beast realizes that Casey has suffered most of her life and for that he spares her life, she is later found and taken to safety.

“Glass” is the immediate continuation of the former movie, here, the Beast is preparing to murder a group of cheerleaders that the other personalities kidnapped for him. We are re-introduced to “the Overseer” (a man who appeared in “Unbreakable” which I haven’t watched… yet), this man appears to have superhuman strength and is determined to catch the Beast. After their first battle, a psychiatrist that specializes in their “delusion”, named Dr. Ellie takes them to a psychiatric hospital in order to evaluate them and hopefully get them to understand that they both are victims of circumstances that led them to believe they had abilities that can be explained with science. There they meet up with Mr. Glass, a physically fragile but mentally strong man who turns out to be the orchestrator of this entire comic book-like world they find themselves lost in. As the movie progresses we find out more than a few character twists that end up revealing Dr. Ellie forms part of a secret group that “controls” these super humans so that they do not end up revealing their powers to the world in the hope that humanity remains as humanity has for thousands of years. Thanks to Mr. Glass’ brain, however, the entire world ends up finding out about the Beast, the Overseer and Mr. Glass’ superhuman abilities through a universal online leak of the events that occurred within the psychiatric hospital.

Both films are truly fun and carry a rather different tone from each other. “Split” begins as a regular and effective thriller, it follows a conventional storyline when dealing with that genre but takes a more horror-oriented approach near the end all the while entertaining us with Hedwig (one of Kevin’s funniest personalities... etcetera). “Glass” on the other hand, is a much more straightforward superhero film with less scares/horror but still covered with a thriller effect of endless twists, the likes of many M. Night Shyamalan’s creations. Both films have an ironic “happy” ending, at least for the main characters, leaving audiences with the inspiration to be themselves and to not think we are ever a simple mistake just for being paranormally different.

My personal ratings for these movies are:
“Split” 9 ½ /10
“Glass” 8 ½ /10 (I’m moving it up a half)

Thanks for watching!

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