Stock Market August 2020 Nifty Trend by Prashant Kapoor

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Third World WAR SERIES

Pakistan to split into three. POK, Gilgit Baltistan to be merged in India in 2020 PART-1

India China War will result elimination of North Korea from world map PART-2

India China War - Crucial role of NEPAL PART-3

Pakistan to divide into three | India and USA to collaborate for a decisive attack PART-4

What future holds for Tibet? An independent nation or a part of India? PART-5

Iran or China south sea | What will be third world war's ignition point PART-6

Japan's amazing weapon will be a shock to the world PART-7

Germany's alien connection and Techno-Weapons beyond imagination PART-8

China to split into NINE in 2020-21 | Aksai Chin will merge in India PART-9

Sushant Singh Rajput's, Hidden Assets are the cause of Murder

A new rise of Sanatan with Ram temple ceremony

Kashmiri Pandits to return home land soon

India to become Congress free

China's hidden dark secret about COVID-19

Pakistan will get success in selling POK's land to China? Pak Selling Gilgit-Baltistan land to China

Karachi Stock Exchange Attack | Start of PAKISTAN's ruination

Economic War Against China | 59 Chinese Apps banned | Something major yet to happen

2020 will witness these 6 terrible events?

Something major going to happen | Mercury Retrograde 18 June 2020 - 12 July 2020

India China Frightful War Soon after Galwan Valley in Ladakh attack? Astrological Analysis by Prashant Kapoor

Solar Eclipse will bring downfall of China | Putin, Modi & Trumph will push Jimping to a corner

Solar Eclipse 21 June 2020 World War-3, Economy, Stock Market, Natural Calamities, CoronaVirus

Causes of Depression and simple solutions in Medical Astrology

Water, Cyclone & Air Led Calamities | Good news in Food Commodities 2020 हिंदी में

Solar Eclipse 21 June 2020 World War-3, Economy, Stock Market, Natural Calamities

Sonu Sood will be future Chief Minister of Maharashtra? | Sonu Sood Horoscope

Countdown begins for Coronavirus

All Earthquake past Predictions which went true date wise

भूकंप की भविष्यवाणियां, पहली बार ज्योतिष के इतिहास में भूकंप की सटीक भविष्यवाणी Coverage by IndiaNews

Astrology Prediction on Earthquake in North India on 11 April 2020 Prediction came True

Earthquake in North India - Chamoli Uttrakhand on 23 April 2020 Prediction Came True

Earthquake on 11th 14th May 2020 Prediction came True

Earthquake in Delhi Noida Gurgaon - Prediction came true DATE WISE on 15 May 2020

Major Earthquake in Delhi NCR North North-East North-West? Know the Dates

Magnitude of Earthquake in Delhi NCR | Prediction came TRUE

Earthquake in India Gujarat on 14th June 2020 - Prediction came true date wise

Major Earthquake will hit Mizoram on 22nd June 2020, Prediction came true by Prashant Kapoor

AMPHAN CYCLONE in West Bengal and Orisa was predicted one month before by Prashant Kapoor

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