Successful Business Owner and Family Man, Tom Mattice of UET Controls

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This gentleman and I have known each other for several decades now as he was involved in my little guys wrestling program in Hancock, NY. Tom Mattice comes from an excellent family and he and his wife, Kim have raised three wonderful sons.

Tom credits his sports and wrestling career for giving him the ability to really push himself during the challenging times we will all experience in life. His amazing wife, Kim, had two very tough bouts of cancer that she was able to overcome so she truly showed tremendous grit.

His business is called UET Controls and deals with large refrigeration companies throughout U.S. Recently, they got the contract for a famous Olympic center called Lake Placid so his company is doing very well!

If anyone is involved as an electrical engineer, Tom's company is certainly looking for someone with those skills so please contact his business, UET Controls up near Rochester, NY.

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