Sunny Kamble || VGF Club || Business Plan || 08 October 2020 || Family Security Fund || CSC || CMC

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New ventures of planning all old & new VGF partners good news for them who will be in active mode in VGF CLUB.

Just wake up again new journey started in VGF CLUB & breaking records globally
1. How & who will get financial security effective from 1st September 2020
2. How VGF CLUB will Support Family members In any Critical incidence with them in future if any accidental or natural death of CSC acheiver, company will secure the family.
3. How you can achieve CSC
4. How VGF CLUB partner can achieve regular income
5. How can Partners will Earn sharing income from future VGF CLUB Global Hotel & Tourism Industry
6. How eCommerce industry role With is with unlimited regular income.
7. How VGF CLUB power will make us an Big Global Business Owner in future
8. How New generation students can study with future career .
9. How we can build a New secured lifestyle generation to generation.
10. How CMC achievers can travel Free package of Thailand *(Air fair) not included & also fly around the world in future .

This video is made to demonstrate New Updates Which Has Designed For CSC And CMC in VGF Club Mobile App to make international business opportunity for the world.
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