Support Small Business, Family and ART with WISE, And KEEP Your 10% ETH BONUS, Ends Dec 31st

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????Special Announcement! New Gift Offering available for the WISE community in support of ethics and equality in crypto. ORIGINAL ARTWORK to support new crypto adoption and local community works???? Check out our website to learn more and see what other offers are available to pay it forward and share the love! ✅
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????Done your research, ready to onboard, but still like some technical support?
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New to crypto?
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Daily Update Following WISE Liquidity Transformer.
We track the ETH loaded daily and have a quick look at the overall WISE adoption progress.

????This channel is an educational resource for crypto beginners and veterans alike.
We don't seek money or investment- we prefer you join the community instead so we can grow together. We have no list of donation addresses or affiliate links-just our referral link which earns you 10% bonus WISE and qualifies you for other special offers to support the community at our website ! There is no financial advice or other; we share what we hope to see thrive, not what we know people will value. ????
????WISE Beyond Bitcoin is a grassroots initiative in support of technology that promotes spiritual growth and social harmony. We are happy to share the good news about WISE Token as an ethical, equitable, secure and truly decentralized iteration of blockchain technology for a monetary alternative. WISE is a cryptocurrency made to provide world-wide equal access to banking; Be your own Bank! ????

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