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About Taking Care Of A Family Business

This is a series of many episodes about the continuing saga of a half-Pinóy. In this video, people are participating in a group activity next to a campfire. There is a question for all the participants to answer: “What I really want to do in my life and career”. Today is the half-Pinóy’s turn to answer that question and he has to say something about a plan to grow their small family business.

Come join us in this live session and find out how to express business terms in Tagalog.
Tagalog Conversation

Tagalog conversation is the best learning tool for students in Tagalog. This is also a great way to increase their vocabulary and to understand Filipino culture. The first part of this live tutorial is to practice their listening skill, and then all Tagalog sentences will be translated into English. For the second part, I’ll be sharing a few words and phrases that locals speak in their daily conversation.

Follow the adventure of our beloved characters. I hope that you’ve never miss any episodes in this series, but if you do please get to this playlist:

Conversational Tagalog: The Continuing Saga Of A Half-Pinóy
???? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLq7F0Kt7Ibkt4yWLLwfSVe1Slp6ELhuC7

What is the possible Tagalog conversation when talking about taking care of a family business?
What words and phrases may arise when talking about family business?
What vocabulary words are best to remember and to use in your daily Tagalog practice?

Albine can help you learn Filipino. She delivers contents for Beginners & Intermediate in Tagalog language. Tagalog is the language widely spoken in the Philippines. If you find this channel helpful...
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