Thats a Huge Archemage | Big Shaman | Wild Hearthstone Rise of Shadows

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Oh Boiiii I like this deck. You got some board clear, probably more early game removal and Volcano if you change the deck list a little bit. Big Bois and healthy resurrection effects, not that Big Priest bs. Do you need Kel'thuzad, of course not but we might as well use him in that one deck in which he makes sense

Big Shaman used to be resolving around getting Lich King or Earth Elemental but now we got that Big Bad Archemage and that sick Muckmorpher to transform into anything possible. I would rate this deck a solid 69 out of 420 because who cares about a rating. You see the cards and its your decision whether or not you want to play it. Looks good? Play it! Looks Bad? Don´t play it. I should get a Noble Peace Price for that


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