The Boring Company Vegas Project - The Legend of Elon Musk Grows

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Elon Musk is taking matters in his own hands to solve Traffic with loop systems.
The Boring Company is reducing tunneling costs in many ways, but I'm just going to cover one of them.
This involves enhancing Tunnel Boring Machines or TBMs, along with improving the tunneling process.
It started with an off the shelf TBM and modified it to bore 50% faster.
Then the Boring Company unveiled its third generation TBM call the Prufrock.
Prufrock is ten-times faster than the second-generation TBM, able to bore more than a mile per week.
And the company's goal is to increase that speed to 7 miles per day!
The Prufrock is so fast because it has three times the power output compared to standard TBMs of its size.
One of its major innovations is that it can launch directly from the surface.
On top of that, the company developed a continuous mining process.
The tunnels segments are installed while the TBM is mining, which vastly improves speed.
Another innovation to improve speed is eliminating the rail used for excavation.
So once the loops are operational, each one will have a capacity of transporting 10,000 people per hour.
Since all of the vehicles will be autonomous, passengers will travel at speeds up to 241 kph!
Instead of stopping at each stop as you do on subways, passengers will travel straight to their destination exit.
And the cool thing is the system can scale up by adding additional tunnels as needed.
The company already completed a 1.8 km test tunnel in Hawthorne, CA, in 2018 and is currently being used for research and development.
Check out this video they posted on their YouTube channel, comparing the commute times with and without the tunnel.
Keep in mind the distance in less than 2 km, and taking the tunnel was over 3 minutes faster.
Moving forward, The Boring Company has three main projects in various stages of development.
The projects in LA and DC are both in environmental review stages, but the project in Las Vegas is well underway.
The project is called the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop or LVCC Loop and will cost close to $50 million.
The loop will connect the Center’s New Exhibit Hall with the existing campuses.
When the project is complete, the loop will shorten the travel time from a 15-minute walk to a 1-minute loop trip.

The LVCC Loop consists of two tunnels, the first was complete back in February, and the second one was completed in May.

The crew now works on two above-ground stations along with the underground station in the middle of the system.
Musk recently tweeted this render of what the stations will look like.
It looks so sleek and stylish. I can wait to see pictures once it's complete.

Anyway, while the standard capacity of loop systems are designed to transport 10,000 passengers per hour, the LVCC will have a capacity of 4,000 per hour.

And Musk is creating synergies with Tesla as the LVCC passengers will be transported in Model 3s, Model Xs, and 12 to 16 passenger trams built on the Model 3 platforms.

The Boring Company hopes that the LVCC will eventually lead to the construction of the Vegas Loop, which will connect the main strip to McCarren International Airport.
For now, the LVCC seems like a great place to test and perfect the loop system.

What's bonkers is the fact that The Boring Company is just Elon Musk's pet project.
Based on what he's accomplished in the Aerospace and Auto Industries, Musk is already a living legend.
Time will tell whether or not the loop system concept will be a viable solution to traffic.
But regardless if it is or not, The Boring Company will likely be a flavorful tidbit for future historians.
Indeed, the legend of Elon Musk grows.
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