The BRUTAL Execution Of Mary Queen Of Scots

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Elizabeth I throughout her reign faced a huge number of problems in England. Tudor England was suffering greatly from religious turmoil and issues following the Reformation, and the Catholic's were very much against Queen Elizabeth. Many of them believed that Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots was the rightful heir to the English throne and they believed that that Mary Queen of Scots should have been the Queen.

For this, Elizabeth I faced a number of Catholic plots throughout her reign and many of these included that Mary Queen of Scots would become Queen of England with Elizabeth being assassinated or murdered. These plots were very treasonous and those who conspired against the Queen were likely to have been executed. Since Mary fled Scotland following her imprisonment, she was held under protective custody by Elizabeth for 18 years.

Whilst in prison, Mary Queen of Scots would become embroiled in the Babington Plot, one of these Catholic plots that intended to assassinate Elizabeth. Her guilt was established when letters were discovered and Elizabeth eventually signed her death warrant. Mary Queen of Scots was taken to Fotheringhay Castle to await her execution, and inside the Castle she eventually would be beheaded.

However her execution was botched and the whole death of Mary Queen of Scots was incredibly brutal and horrific. So join us today as we look at, 'The Brutal Execution of Mary Queen of Scots.'

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