The Captain (2019) Movie Explained in Hindi | Chinese Action Movie | Sichuan Flight 8633 Accident

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The Captain (2019) Movie Explained in Hindi | Chinese Action Movie | Sichuan Flight 8633 Accident

The Captain (2019) Action movie explained in Hindi. The Chinese Action Movie “The Captain” story summarized with Hindi explanation.The film starts off whenPassengers and crew aboard a Chinese airline start to panic when the windshield shatters shortly after takeoff. As the temperature plummets and people lose consciousness, the strong-willed captain does whatever he can to land the plane safely.
Credits -
Images and footage Source: Emei Film Group, Bona Film Group, Huaxia Film Distribution Company, Alibaba Pictures Group
Director: Andrew Lau Wai-Keung
The Captain (2019) –

Cast –
Zhang Hanyu as Liu Changjian
Oho Ou as Xu Yichen
Du Jiang as Liang Dong
Yuan Quan as Bi Nan
Zhang Tian'ai as Huang Jia
Li Qin as Zhou Yawen
Zhang Yamei as Zhang Qiuyue
Yang Qiru as Yang Hui
Gao Ge as Wu Yan

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