The Fed's Major Moves So Far & What You Need to Know

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In all of the recent news about the postponing of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the spread of a contagious virus, it's easy to get lost, but Luke and Tim get you back on track and focused on the real news: what the fed has already done.

The Dow surged, but what’s the reality? Tim breaks it down. Here's everything the fed has already done:
* Reduced Rates to zero
* Reduced Reserve requirement to zero
* 3 500 bn 3 month term repo’s
* $185 billion in QE per day
* Willing to provide unlimited support to the markets
* Buying MBS, Treasuries, outright monetizing the debt track
* Muni bonds, corporate bonds
* Stock as collateral and other non “safe” assets now count as collateral
* FASB urging change in accounting rules to help banks hide losses
* 2 year blackout on REPO operation transpareny
* 6 month window on bailouts proposed.
* Digital Dollar

The fed has basically said: we have to initiate communism to see economic growth.
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