The Legend of Korra: Best Of Season 4

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What do you remember most fondly from season 4?
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Legend of Korra season 4 brought the story of Avatar Korra to a close. It was an absolutely jam-packed season full of fan-favorite returns (Toph!), giant robot fights, and just the right amount of Varrick. But at its heart, it was a really a season about Korra overcoming her own personal trauma. It wasn’t easy as Korra spends most of the season haunted by a dark spectre of herself and it takes everything she has to overcome it.

Is the fourth season of Korra a fitting end to the series and how does Korra’s series finale relate to The Last Airbender’s finale? Yes, Korra will never be as beloved as its predecessor, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t deliver a satisfying series finale and a great cap for these characters. The main villain of this season is Kuvira, an earthbender who wants to unite all the scattered Earth Kingdom territories under her rule. Her quest is different from a lot of other Avatar villains. Everyone else was mostly pure evil. Fire Lord Ozai wanted to rule the world, Amon wanted to get rid of bending, Unalaq wanted to destroy the world and Zaheer just wanted to cause a little chaos, but Kuvira is a different type of villain and although her plan may not be as game-changing as past villains, the stakes are still pretty high in the final battle with a giant robot!

So check out the video below for a complete breakdown and recap of Legend of Korra season four. Let us know in the comments afterwards what your favorite season 4 moments are and tell us whether you think it was a good end for the show. And of course, hit that subscribe button for more awesome Avatar content like this. Thanks for watching!

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