The Major Penny Stocks Problem for Robinhood Traders

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So many new folks to the stock market have gotten into penny stocks recently... These stock traders think that they will make a bunch of money on penny stocks over time but it isn't reality. Many of these people set up Robinhood app accounts or other brokerage accounts where you can place trades commission free... Whether using the Robinhood app or anything else it is a huge mistake if one thinks they can make money over the long term with this strategy.. It is a bitter sweet subject as a penny stock can attract new people to the stock market. Some of those people drop out of the stock market forever, but others just find a much better way... Becoming a long term investor of companies and looking at fundamentals as well as valuations... This is where the real players make their money... Not trading in and out of Penny Stocks on the Robinhood app or any app for that matter... Enjoy and share this video with someone who needs it.

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