The Platform Master - Full Movie - Official Unreleased Director's Cut (2012)

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The full unreleased director's cut of The Platform Master. This is the only official edit of the film ever made. Completed in 2012 and shelved until now, 7 years later, finally yours to watch for free. Happy New Year!

As 2019 comes to an end, we realize that this film has been hanging in limbo for the better part of a decade, and our wish to re-edit and release this film the way we originally aspired to will never come true. So, lately, we thought the film should at least be released in the same decade that it was started in. Here now is the original director's cut of The Platform Master, exactly as it was in 2012 before we pushed pause on releasing it. The film is yours now, Internet, thank you for being patient while we got our act together and figured out what to do with it.

We held the film back all those years ago because we were afraid that many people wouldn't like it. In the years since we've learned that there is something for everybody on the Internet, so hopefully there's an audience that likes this film.

No one paid us to do this film, no one invested in this film, no one crowdfunded this film... this was entirely a labour of love project by some college friends who really like Ulillillia.
By releasing the film free online, no one is out any money for this film, it's your's to watch and redistribute and do with whatever you'd like.

This director's cut is a picture-lock edit of the film and is not a fine cut, so there is no audio mastering, colour grading, or other fine-tuning that are customary to an indie documentary today.

Keep an eye on our page, there's a lot more to come. We are going to release an alternate edit that one of the producers was working on, and eventually, the raw footage. All to come in 2020.

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