The Twin Flower Legend EP7 - Yu Xiaotong, Kenny Kwan, Mao Xiaohui, Kai Xuan【Fresh Drama】

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Yu Xiaotong as Yuan Feibai / Sima Ju
Kenny Kwan as Duan Yuerong
Mao Xiaohui as Hua Mujin
Kai Xuan as Hua Jinxiu

A pair of twin sisters, Hua Mujin and Hua Jinxiu were sold to powerful Yuan family as slaves when they were young. They meet three other children; Yu Feiyan, Song Minglei and Yao Biying and they form a friendship as sworn siblings. Hua Mujin makes use of the knowledge she learnt from the book "Shang Xun (商训)" and her wits to aid her good friends in surviving the perilous situations thrown at them, and gain a foothold in the Yuan family. Finally with her intelligence, Hua Mujin manages to defeat the Yuan family. Throughout her life, four different outstanding youths had made an impact on Hua Mujin's life - her sworn brother Song Minglei, the innocent and pure Yuan Feiyu, the androgeous and beautiful Duan Yuerong and the love of her life, Yuan Feibai.

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