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Theory Kannada Full Movie 2019

An intelligent cop, Santhosh, is assigned to crack the murder case, but he is corrupt. This comes to the notice of the police commissioner, who immediately appoints an undercover cop, Madan, to solve the case.

The investigation progresses from two officers, with two different perspectives. There is twist in the tale when Santhosh shoots himself and Madan gets killed.

In the second half, the movie focuses on an aspiring film director, Ganesha, who wants to make it big in Sandalwood. The movie takes a turn for the worse when the police commissioner asks Ganesha to solve the case, since he hady managed to hack police website. What led to the murder of Vijay? And who did id what forms the crux of the story.

Director Pavan Shankar's attempt to make a suspense thriller around a murder case falls flat without the proper ingredients to keep one glued to the screen. The story lacks the pace and even the background music fails to have the right impact.
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