Tiger Queen - My Journey across the pandemic for love.

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My Journey across the pandemic for love from Melbourne, Australia to Vancouver Canada during the height of Covid-19.
On the 15th of March, I had traveled to my home country of Australia to shoot a music video that was subsequently canceled. As the world spun out of control, Canada closed its borders and Australia enforced a travel ban.
Despite being on a Working Holiday Visa I was able to prove my relationship and livelihood was in Vancouver and lucky to be granted an exemption to travel from Australia Border Force. On the 29th of April, I flew from Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo arriving in Vancouver 45 hours later.

This is a personal journey and travel film which sheds light on what we do for love in times of crisis.

The name Tiger Queen came about because of my eye mask and that’s what the Japanese air hostesses referred to me as

Shot entirely on Iphone8 and my Macbook pro.
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