Tongo Dancing Hiti Queen

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Is it Friday night? Are the lights way down low? Are you looking out for a place to go? You know, where they play the right kind of music? Well, next time think about going out on a THURSDAY night to ply Tongo Hiti with five dollar bills and slurred suggestions for songs for them to play... like Dancing Queen by ABBA.

Over the course of four hours (8pm to Midnight) Tongo Hiti (Big Mike Geier, Kevin Leahy, RL Martin, Kris Dale, and Tim DeLaney) move their guests from the gentle hip-swaying shores of a dream-away Hawaii to an alternate dimension where Johnny Cash and Pete Townshend get together with Metallica to peep underneath Celine Dion's petticoat. If you've never seen Tongo Hiti ( in action, then get yourself down to Trader Vic's on a Thursday evening... see you there?
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