Top Mistakes That LIMIT Your TikTok Growth (Why You Stop Growing) | How To Grow Your TikTok

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Learn how to grow your TikTok by learning the top mistakes made on TikTok in 2021!

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Have you ever wondered why your TikTok views were down? or why your TikTok account can't seem to grow. Well, this video unpacks exactly how to grow your TikTok and the top mistakes that keep you from growing! These mistakes are made all over TikTok - from the FYP, hashtags, post length, video trends and all!

Learning how to grow on TikTok comes from finding the mistakes you make on your account and make sure they DON'T happen again! You learn these mistakes made by studying previous accounts and learning how these TikTok accounts grow and what they are doing right.

This video specifically talks about all the top TikTok mistakes made over and over again on the app. If you can eliminate these mistakes from happening, your TikTok views will start to increase and you will START hitting the TikTok FYP!

This Channel Focuses On:
1. How to make money on TikTok
2. How to grow on TikTok
3. TikTok algorithm
4. How to monetize TikTok account
5. How to go viral on TikTok

TikTok Discord is below. We go over how to get more followers, the TikTok algorithm & helping your videos to get on the FYP!

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