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????Hey guys!
Today I show you

✏Edited with KineMaster✏

0:00 - Introduction
0:15 - Poison Spell
0:51 - Love Spell
1:22 - Airblade Spell
1:51 - Frost Beam Spell
2:24 - Curse Spell
2:57 - Thunder Spell
3:23 - Shadow Spell
3:40 - Fireball Spell
4:14 - Earth Spike Spell
4:46 - My Opinions

????Music:???? 1. James Mercy - Take You On
2. ROY KNOX x Tim Beeren - Save Me

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The description space is not enough to for me to write every detail so you can find more information in my discord server
At the beginning of the video when I say for how many days lasts a van I say there the original time
Exemple: It can confuse you because I say that a van lasts for 4 days but when you go to the game and you see that it writes 3 days.
If 3 days and 23 hours are remaining from a van then the game just writes 3 days.
Mostly I show you the delay Informations from PG3D wiki page (The delay Informations can be outdated so maybe watch the comments because there people can say it)

Test Informations: I always use normal armor and I don't use modules or wear, If I use them then I write it in the video.

For the comparing pictures I used the squares, the numbers on the pictures are not random, I tested them.

Damage Calculations:
Watch the tutorial about module damages, how to calculate damage and how my pictures work:
The module damage numbers what you see in the game are not real numbers so I calculated them
The grade of the weapon matter!
The module damage numbers are a bit inaccurate because I put at the module damages a little smaller numbers.
At the base damage needed for 1 shoting people follow the instructions:
So there are currently 2 pictures one for legendary and one for mythical weapons, the wear required is burning tiara and cape editor
Improvements coming soon
Pictures last time updated and tested: 2021  01. 21.

Damage / Second Comparison:
This picture shows only body damage
At the test the I calculated the dps for miniguns with including the +1second when the minigun is preparing to start shooting
The poison, burning and bleeding damages are included too
This just shows just the damage/second so attributes like ricochet wall breack or area damage are not included
This picture is important just if you are a CASUAL player
Picture last time updated and tested: 2020 12. 11.

Dispersion Test: I use the squares to demonstrate the dispersion of shotguns, 1 means the shotguns dispersion radius is maximum 1 square horizontal
I know I can't show the dispersion too accurate because the dispersion is different like boars roars bullets are going horizontal.
But if a shotgun has a different dispersion that I will say
Picture last time updated and tested: 2021 02. 03.

Range Test: I use the squares to demonstrate the range of some weapons (like melee weapons and flamethrowers)
The number that you can see can be inaccurate with 0.5
Picture last time updated and tested: 2020 12. 07.

Damage Radius (AoE) Test: I use this for showing how big is a weapons area damage. I use the squares to demonstrate the maximum damage radius without modules
The number that you can see can be inaccurate with 0.5
Picture last time updated and tested: 2020 12. 07.

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