True Beauty Episode 1+2 Reaction! [여신강림 first watch] Cha Eun Woo is my new crush :)

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I cannot believe I've never seen Cha Eun Woo before... I've been blessed now. I put a disclaimer at the beginning of the video touching upon the subject of how they portrayed ugliness, and I talked a lot about it in the video as well. I just wanted to remind everyone again, you don't need to change yourself to please other people, you are beautiful the way you are. I've never read the webtoon, but I'm pretty sure Ju Kyung will soon gain her lost confidence back and realise that she doesn't need make-up or to hide herself to feel gorgeous. It's just that she was in a toxic environment that made her feel small, and therefore she lost all her self-esteem and started feeling ugly, when she never was. Make-up is powerful to a lot of people. Make-up makes a lot of people feel more empowered and beautiful, and that to me is amazing. Right now, this is Ju Kyung's way of gaining confidence. This is the reality of bullying- some people bully others due to the most insignificant details, like glasses or pimples. I know in high school I was bullied when I was 12 for wearing glasses, and I was called "four eyes," so I know how it feels. It makes the portrayal in the drama more realistic to me.

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