Watch Lego News: LEGO NINJAGO Explained | Everything You NEED to Know about LEGO NINJAGO #Ninjago

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When evil threatens the world, you need a group of highly trained razor-sharp ninjas to combat the darkness and save the day. But... those heroes were busy so we''ll settle for these guys! No matter how you pronounce Ninjago, these 2nd-choice heroes are totally prepared for anything (we hope).
Let''s meet them:
0:23 | Master Wu - The ancient and wise mentor to the Ninjago team.. depending on which form he''s currently in, ranging from an innocent baby to a cyborg. Taking 3 teens & an android and helping them unlock their ''true potential'' of riding dragons, collecting ancient weapons, and fighting the forces of evil.
Our young heroes will harness the powers of hidden jin-jitsu techniques that may or may not mysteriously disappear for no reason.. at all! Rest assured though, they will continue to fight against any foe that stands against them... especially those that Wu knew were definitely coming but didn''t inform the rest of the team about.
And now for our brave #Ninjago ninjas.
1:39 | Lloyd: The green ninja (or gold ninja.. depending on his clothes). Watch as this young boy magically grows up and becomes so powerful the rest of the Ninjago team isn''t necessary. Through countless issues with past loves & family issues to boot, Lloyd has the young teenager-angst under control.
2:28 | Zane: The ice ninja/android of the group is fiercely loyal to his friends... when he''s not the Ice Emperor and tries to destroy the Ninjago team. Watch as he tries to become more ''human'' by developing a sense of humor and try to make it through one adventure without being destroyed.
3:01 | Jay: The blue ninja/lightning ninja. The talented inventor who enjoys making jokes and is well-liked by everyone.
3:13 | Nya: The silver ninja/water ninja. She''s the talented engineer who created the ninja''s best vehicles for their journeys.
3:31 | Kai: The red ninja/fire ninja. He''s fiery & a real hothead.. but don''t let him hear you say that. Fiercely loyal to his friends, even if he''s a little... hot-blooded.
4:09 | Cole: The black ninja/earth ninja. The original leader of the ninja & maybe was a ghost once upon a time... on top of his incredible power of the earth, he also wields kindness.
Join our heroes on their quest to find the Golden Weapons & ultimately the Keyblades.
Tune-in for action & adventures with a colorful cast of ninja characters that is totally a unique concept never-before-seen ANYWHERE ELSE!
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Watch Lego News: LEGO NINJAGO Explained | Everything You NEED to Know about LEGO NINJAGO #Ninjago

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