We Taught YouTube Twins Nina And Randa A Dance Routine! | STEEZY.CO

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We Taught YouTube Twins Nina And Randa A Dance Routine! | STEEZY.CO

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Hey STEEZY Nation,

YouTubers Nina and Randa joined us this week to learn their first ever dance routine on STEEZY Studio!

The routine is a sexy lil piece to “10,000 Hours” by Ella Mai, taught by Harlie Ramirez.

Watch the full video to see how Nina and Randa rise to the challenge!

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With Love,

Nina and Randa
YT: NinaAndRanda
IG: @ninaandranda


0:00 - Introduction
1:01 - Choreography Demonstration
1:27 - Learning Portion Pt. I
2:25 - Mid Way Check In
3:45 - Learning Portion Pt. II
4:51 - Pre-Performance Check In
5:25 - Final Performance
6:08 - Review & Outro


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