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Hi friends!! I really hesitated to put this reading up because I feel the messages are pretty specific/similar, however I decided to go ahead with it because I trust I was given these messages for a reason. With that being said, PLEASE use discernment for your situation. You know your truth better than I do. I hope this helps, and of course I hope it resonates!! Remember you always have free will & can do what you want ???? I love you guys so much!!

Pile 1 (Bloodstone): 2:10
Pile 2 (Charoite): 35:33
Pile 3 (Strawberry Quartz): 1:07:09
Pile 4 (Coffee Calcite): 1:39:30

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Decks Used:
Tarot in Wonderland
Everyday Witch Tarot
Edgar Allen Poe Tarot
Dark Wood Tarot
Oracle of the Unicorns
Soul’s Journey Oracle
Iris Oracle
Angel Number Oracle
Energy Oracle
Pass on the Smile Oracle

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Disclaimer: This is a general reading meant for fun and entertainment purposes. Use your own judgment when making decisions ???? enjoy!
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