Women Who have Dated NBA Legend Jerry West

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Jerry west is a retired American professional basketball player, and a Basketball executive. Throughout his professional career, he played for Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. He was a polarizing figure on the court and this saw him earn quite a few nicknames which are given to him because of his special characteristics. He is called “Mr. Clutch” because of his capability to play big in the situation of clutch. Another nickname is “The Logo” as his silhouette has been incorporated in the logo of NBA. His others nicknames are “Zeke from Cabin Creek” and “Mr. Outside”. Upon retiring he took over Lakers as head Coach but later became Lakers general manager. During his reign as a manager for the lakers he brought in legendary coach Phil Jackson, late Kobe Bryant and Shaq O’Neal. They went on to win 6 championships under his reign. In 2011, he joined Warriors and was responsible for drafting Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and signing Kevin Durant to warriors. His success in the NBA is well documented but little is known about his complicated personal Life and family. His celebrity status saw him interact with some of the most beautiful women in America.
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